Lavender's secrets hike

Jump in the lavender world !

Follow Corinne for a morning full of discoveries... A lot more than hiking ;)

Duration : 3h (9am/12pm)

Dates : Thursday the 5th of July & Thursday the 12th of July

Description by Corinne : " During this hike, we'll observe wild lavender as well as cultivated one in the huge blue and purple fields. So, the history of this so special flower, its use, its harvesting, the distillation won't have secrets for you anymore !

We'll finish the hike by a meeting with a local farmer who produces essential oil lavender. He'll answer to your questions about the lavender's harvesting, and everything that you might want to know about it."

The little + : A unique experience which will awake your senses with very dedicated and passionated people ! 

Activity to be booked at the reception before or during your stay here !

Price : 17¤ per person